New Measure Me BMI app developed by Children’s Health Ireland at Temple Street

The Measure Me app has been developed to calculate the BMI SDS and to identify if the child is a healthy weight or overweight. Parents and healthcare professionals need to know whether their child/paediatric patient is overweight so that they can address the issue as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the measurement of weight alone is not at all helpful for parents / healthcare professionals in terms of working our whether their child is at the correct weight. This is because height is also required but while in adults the BMI can be calculated relatively easily, in children the BMI SDS (Standard Deviation Score) must be calculated as children are still growing and adults are not.

The Measure Me app has been developed by Childrens Health Ireland at Temple Street and University College Dublin. It has been unconditionally supported by Consilient Health.

The app is available to download on your mobile or tablet by entering “Measure Me” in the Apple iStore or the Google Play Store, or download immediately by clicking on one of the buttons below.

Cilique now available


Health care professionals may be aware that Cilest (250 micrograms norgestimate / 35 micrograms ethinyl estradiol) is to be discontinued in Ireland from July 2019.

Consilient Health wish to announce that they provide an alternative medication called Cilique. Cilique contains the same active ingredients – 250 micrograms norgestimate / 35 micrograms ethinyl estradiol – as Cilest.

Cilique is now available to Irish patients in a 3 month pack at a net wholesale (MIMS) price at €4.65. Further information on Cilique can be found at and

Cilique is not currently GMS reimbursable, but there will be notification in due course if Cilique gains reimbursement. Consilient Health also supply GMS listed oral contraceptives Violite, Azalia and Ovreena and non-GMS listed oral contraceptives Elvina and Elvinette.

For further queries about Cilique or about any Consilient Health medicines or services, please contact Consilient Health on 01 2057760 or

Volunteer Day at Hugh’s House

As our first annual Volunteer Day, 10 Consilient Health employees spent the day helping out at Hugh’s House. Hugh’s House provides accommodation for families from outside Dublin with children who are long-term patients in Dublin hospitals. 

Located on the North side of the city, the home is completely volunteer-run (with the exception of one lovely staff member!), and comes at no cost for the families who stay there. The volunteers cooked a meal, painted the walls of a bedroom, cleaned, and ironed clothing for the families who are currently living in the home. By providing some sense of normalcy for these families, Hugh’s House serves as a home away from home during a time of need. 

In recent years, the home has expanded from 6 to 14 bedrooms, and includes an outdoor garden and play area. This essential service is in high demand, and is continuously raising funds and looking for volunteers to donate their skills and time. 

For more information about Hugh’s House, please visit:

Eat Well for Bone Health Patient Booklet by Irish Dietician Paula Mee

Consilient health and Amgen have co-sponsored a patient booklet called “Eat well for bone health “. The booklet which is written by Irish Dietician Paula Mee, is for patients who are either at risk of Osteopenia or Osteoporosis or have been diagnosed with one of these bone conditions.  The booklet provides information on optimal levels of nutrition for bone health including Calcium and Vitamin D.  Copies of the booklet are available from your local sales representative or by calling 01 2057760.