Tribute to Paula Mee

It is with huge sadness that Consilient Health offer our sincere condolences to the family of the recently deceased Paula Mee, her husband David, son Cian, stepdaughters Olivia and Phoebe and stepson Charlie.

Over the past four years, Paula has worked with Consilient Health on a series of bone health articles, recipes, and booklets. In addition, Paula ran a series of educational talks for Consilient Health staff on gut health.

We remember Paula as a highly professional, warm, enthusiastic, and collaborative individual and an inspiration to all who came in contact with her. We will miss her greatly.

May Paula Rest In Peace













IE-CH-1113, Date of preparation: January 2023

Next generation IUD Intrauterine Ball IUB™ Ballerine launched

Consilient Health is launching the next generation IUD, an innovative Intrauterine Ball, IUB™ Ballerine®, a well-tolerated4, hormone free, long-lasting reversible contraceptive.

The IUB™ Ballerine® is a novel copper coil and is comprised of copper beads with a total exposed copper surface of 300mm² strung on a flexible Nitinol (nickel/titanium alloy), PET- coated frame. Prior to insertion it is loaded in linear form into a 3.2mm diameter insertion tube and introduced into the uterus by using a push rod. As the IUB™ is released from the insertion tube into the uterus it coils into a spherical shape. Pure elemental copper is incorporated as an ancillary active substance. A monofilament blue polypropylene double tail thread (up to 20cm long) is attached to one end of the IUB frame to aid detection and removal of the device.5

The IUB™ Ballerine® has a unique three-dimensional ball like structure which means:

  1. The IUB™ Ballerine® is designed to adapt to the uterus, while being large enough and voluminous not to pass through the cervix internal os, thereby reducing the probability of expulsion6.
  2. During insertion – the tip of the IUB™ Ballerine® turns 180 degrees as it exits the insertion tube, away from the uterine fundus, thereby reducing the risk of fundal perforation during insertion4.
  3. Malpositioning within the uterine cavity, including rotation or embedment in the myometrium, is reduced through the unique symmetric spherical shape of the IUB™ Ballerine®4.
  4. The IUB™ Ballerine® uses the thinnest insertion tube currently on the market7, at only 3.2mm in diameter.

Commenting on the launch, women’s health expert, Deirdre Lundy said: “This is an innovative and welcome development in IUCD contraception. Unlike traditional framed IUCD, this device comprises a thin length of ‘Nitinol’ wire with 17 tiny copper beads along its length. The tensile wire is stretched straight inside a very slim introducing tube. Once the tube and device are placed at the fundus of the womb, the tube is gently removed and the tensile wire rolls up into a little ball – adapting to the shape of the intrauterine cavity. The copper beads provide contraception for 5 years. Placement should be much kinder as the width of the introducing tube is significantly slimmer than that employed by typical IUCDs.”

IUB™ Ballerine® is GMS reimbursable and covered under the Free Contraception Scheme.


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IE-CH-1095, Date of preparation December 2022.

November the 17th, 2022: Consilient Health Ireland Named as one of the Best Workplaces™ in Pharma & Healthcare

Consilient Health Ireland is delighted that they have been recognised as one of the Best Workplaces in Pharma & Healthcare™in 2022. This recognition is based on direct anonymised feedback from employees about the workplace experience.

Deirdre Kelly, Country Manager, and John Fagan, Finance Director, Consilient Health says:

“Consilient Health Ireland is delighted to achieve the BPTW Certification and want to thank all the team who have helped us achieve BPTW status. We will continue to focus on the key criteria that can make Consilient Health an even better place to work in 2023.”

Cathal Divilly, CEO of Great Place to Work® Ireland, says:

“2022 marks the first year of our Best Workplaces in Pharma & Healthcare recognition and I’m delighted to congratulate all those who were recognised. The Pharma & Healthcare industry is an integral part of Ireland’s economy, and with tens of thousands employed in this sector, it is crucial to ensure these employees feel secure and fulfilled at work. These organisations recognised today prove why Ireland is a top location for this sector, with a high trust rate and great company culture across the board.

Especially after a tough couple of years, the fact that these organisations have shown they are committed to going above and beyond for their employees has certainly solidified their place as some of the Best Workplaces in Pharma & Healthcare. They should be extremely proud of this achievement. I want to commend every one of these organisations for their commitment to keeping up great practices throughout even the most trying of times and I look forward to seeing how they progress in the coming years.”


About Great Place to Work® and the Assessment Process

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. Since 1992, it has surveyed more than 100 million employees worldwide and used those deep insights to define what makes a great workplace: trust. Their employee survey platform empowers leaders with the feedback, real-time reporting, and insights they need to make data-driven people decisions. Everything they do is driven by the mission to build a better world by helping every organisation become a great place to work For All™.

Learn more at and on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



IE-CH-1076  Date of Preparation November 2022

Consilient Health donate to The National Maternity Hospital Foundation

Deirdre Kelly, Ireland Country Manager says:

“Consilient Health are delighted to make a donation to The National Maternity Hospital Foundation. This donation will fund the exceptional work that The National Maternity Hospital do to support the women who are under their care.”

Kyela Fanagan, Corporate Relationship Manager of the National Maternity Hospital says:

“The National Maternity Hospital Foundation is absolutely delighted to receive a very generous donation of €2,500 from Consilient Health. This donation will be ring fenced for patients being supported by the medical social work department at The NMH. The funds will provide practical and psycho-social supports to women who are receiving care in the hospital and are experiencing additional challenges. A huge thank you to everyone at Consilient Health for their generosity and kindness.”







IE-CH-1073, Date of Preparation November 2022

Evorel 50 Stock Update

Launch of the Menopause in the Workplace Policy

Consilient Health is pleased to announce the launch of their Menopause in the Workplace policy. Consilient Health value our employees and are committed to supporting employees through various stages of their lives such as Menopause.

The purpose of this policy is to create an open and honest workplace where managers and employees can discuss any issues associated with the menopause, and to ensure the necessary support is known and offered to employees when needed. Our aim is to be able to talk openly and honestly about the impact of the menopause on affected employees, and act in a positive and respectful manner.

IE-CH-984 Date of Preparation July 2022

Consilient Health helps Ireland-based charity to promote empathy and compassion within young people

Consilient Health has made a financial contribution to non-profit organisation, Narrative 4 Ireland, to help train several teachers within Dublin to roll out its empathy education programme.

Originally established in the United States back in 2012, Narrative 4 expanded to deliver its programme in Ireland in 2016. The organisation aims to unite young people from diverse backgrounds, helping them to develop empathy, compassion and connection. The goal of the programme and its facilitators is to get young people out of their comfort zones and address core problems, such as bullying and poor mental health.

Narrative 4 Ireland has big goals over the next year. They currently have a presence in 35% of schools across Ireland; in 2022 they want to increase this coverage to 50%.

Our donation will fund the training of 10 teachers to deliver Narrative 4’s programme in disadvantaged schools in Dublin to children aged between 11-14. As part of this training, they’ll undertake four separate modules, as well as online CPD.

Karen Pulley, Sustainability Champion for Consilient Health says:

“Narrative 4 is having a positive impact on thousands of young people in Ireland. Consilient Health is delighted to support this initiative by funding the training of teachers to help teach pupils the essential skills of empathy and compassion.”

Dr James Lawlor, Director of Narrative 4 Ireland says:

“Consilient Health’s generous donation will help us on our mission to expand our presence in Ireland during 2022. It will help us continue to create space for young people to connect and share their own stories and those of their classmates and others. This helps them to see the world from another’s perspective and so that they can understand themselves and other people better. I am continually filled with hope for the future when I meet the young people and educators involved with Narrative 4. They have the humanity and the skills to shape and make this world a kinder, more empathic place.”

Learn more about Narrative 4 Ireland:


IE-CH-796     Date of Preparation February 2022