Consilient Health is pleased to announce the launch of Ghryvelin™ (macimorelin) in Ireland subject to reimbursement. Available as a 60mg sachet.

For more information regarding Ghryvelin™ please contact Consilient Health here

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Evorel Stock Update

The short term supply issue experienced with Evorel Conti (due to unprecedented demand for HRT) has now been resolved. Pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmacists are now well stocked with Evorel Conti, so patients should be able to access it easily.


Dated: March 13th 2022.

IE-CH-833 Date of Preparation March 2022.

Consilient Health helps Ireland-based charity to promote empathy and compassion within young people

Consilient Health has made a financial contribution to non-profit organisation, Narrative 4 Ireland, to help train several teachers within Dublin to roll out its empathy education programme.

Originally established in the United States back in 2012, Narrative 4 expanded to deliver its programme in Ireland in 2016. The organisation aims to unite young people from diverse backgrounds, helping them to develop empathy, compassion and connection. The goal of the programme and its facilitators is to get young people out of their comfort zones and address core problems, such as bullying and poor mental health.

Narrative 4 Ireland has big goals over the next year. They currently have a presence in 35% of schools across Ireland; in 2022 they want to increase this coverage to 50%.

Our donation will fund the training of 10 teachers to deliver Narrative 4’s programme in disadvantaged schools in Dublin to children aged between 11-14. As part of this training, they’ll undertake four separate modules, as well as online CPD.

Karen Pulley, Sustainability Champion for Consilient Health says:

“Narrative 4 is having a positive impact on thousands of young people in Ireland. Consilient Health is delighted to support this initiative by funding the training of teachers to help teach pupils the essential skills of empathy and compassion.”

Dr James Lawlor, Director of Narrative 4 Ireland says:

“Consilient Health’s generous donation will help us on our mission to expand our presence in Ireland during 2022. It will help us continue to create space for young people to connect and share their own stories and those of their classmates and others. This helps them to see the world from another’s perspective and so that they can understand themselves and other people better. I am continually filled with hope for the future when I meet the young people and educators involved with Narrative 4. They have the humanity and the skills to shape and make this world a kinder, more empathic place.”

Learn more about Narrative 4 Ireland:


IE-CH-796     Date of Preparation February 2022

Consilient Health Ireland Launches New Website

Consilient Health Ireland are delighted to announce the re-launch of their new website The aim of the redesign was to help healthcare professionals and patients find the information and resources they require to facilitate best standards in healthcare.

Resources to support bone health include the Eat Well for Bone Health Booklet by Paula Mee, recipes high in calcium and Vitamin D, and general hints and tips on bone health. Information on women’s health topics include the contraceptive missed pill guide, advice on starting the pill and general guidance on other contraceptive related topics. There is also a section on Managing Your Menopause.

For health care professionals, resources include the patient management guide on contraceptive pills as well as the “Meetings and Webinars” page where HCPS can register for all of the future CH webinars and access previous webinars in the areas of Women’s Health and Bone Health.

“COVID has transformed how we communicate. Consilient Health remain committed to providing information to healthcare professionals and patients that is medically accurate, relevant, and is now more accessible through” said Deirdre Kelly, Consilient Health Ireland Country Manager.

Resources are downloadable but hard copies may also be requested via our office team at

IE-CH-766  Date of Preparation February 2022

Safety results from large real-world safety study in Zoely published

  • The real world PRO-E2 safety study of over 101,000 women in 12 countries for up to 2 years has confirmed that the risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE)* is at least as low with Zoely▼® (NOMAC-E2) as with levonorgestrel-containing combined oral contraceptives (COC-LNG)1
  • The study also demonstrated a statistically significant lower risk of unintended pregnancy compared with commonly prescribed COC-LNGs2
  • NOMAC-E2 is the only monophasic combined oral contraceptive (COC) to contain estrogen with an identical structure to the one naturally produced by women3,4

Consilient Health Ireland has announced that the safety results from the PRO-E2 real-world safety study for Zoely® (NOMAC-E2) have been published in The European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care (EJCRH).1

The post-authorisation safety study (PASS), known as PRO-E2, was a large, prospective, non-interventional controlled cohort study of over 101,000 women. PRO-E2 compared the risks of using NOMAC-E2 versus COCs containing levonorgestrel (COC-LNG), a commonly prescribed contraceptive.1

The primary objective of the real-world study was to assess and compare the risk of cardiovascular events* in NOMAC-E2 users with COC-LNG users. For the main clinical outcome, the risk of VTE† was as least as low with NOMAC-E2 as with COC-LNG, consistent with findings of previous studies (0.59 Hazard Ratio [HR]† 95% confidence interval [CI], 0.25-1.35).1

*Specifically deep venous thrombosis of the lower extremities and pulmonary embolism
†HR adjusted for age, body mass index, current duration of hormonal contraceptive use, family history of VTE

PRO-E2 also demonstrated that contraceptive failure (the risk of unintended pregnancy), a key secondary outcome, was statistically significantly lower with NOMAC-E2 compared with COC-LNG (0.45 HR†, 95% CI, 0.34-0.60, [p<0.0001]). Further analyses showed that the lower rate of unintended pregnancy with NOMAC-E2 was even more pronounced in women under 35 years of age.2 The shorter hormone-free interval with NOMAC-E2, its longer half-life, and monophasic regimen may all contribute to fewer unintended pregnancies.5,6,7
These results will be published in the EJCRH later this month.

All 14 secondary outcomes of the study were met, with the risk of severe adverse events and depressive disorders or changes in weight or acne score with NOMAC-E2 comparable to COC-LNG.2

The safety and efficacy publications were accepted by the EJCRH in September. The publication on safety results is available online:

The efficacy publication will be available online later this month. Both publications will be available in the printed journal in December.

Results have also been submitted to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and will be presented at the European Society of Gynecology congress in November this year.

References available on request.

IE-ZOE-59a Date of preparation: October 2021

Consilient Health Women’s Health Webinars for GPs

As part of our ongoing commitment to Healthcare Professional Education, we at Consilient Health have delivered in excess of 20 free online webinars to GPs and other HCPs on topics such as Bone Health and Vitamin D, Women’s Health – Contraception, Uro-Gynae Topics and Menopause over the past year.

We are delighted to have had two of Ireland’s most eminent specialists in women’s health speak on the subject of Uro-Gynae Topics.

Dr Geraldine Connolly, Consilient Health Women’s Health Webinar, 5th October 2021:
Title: Common Gynaecological Problems in Young Women aged 18-25 years

Join our Speaker Dr Geraldine Connolly, Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Children’s University Hospital Temple Street and Rotunda Hospital, Dublin and our Chairperson Dr Shirley McQuade, GP, Wellwoman Clinic, Dublin for this meeting as they present and discuss the topic: Common Gynaecological Problems in young women aged 18-25 years.

Dr Shirley McQuade

Dr Geraldine Connolly

Prof Declan Keane, Consilient Health Women’s Health Webinar, 14th October 2021:
Title: Common Uro-Gynae Problems that present to OPD – Treatment Options
Join our Speaker Prof Keane RCSI Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, National Maternity Hospital, Dublin and our Chairperson Dr Shirley McQuade, GP, Wellwoman Clinic, Dublin for this meeting as they present and discuss the topic: Common Uro-Gynae Problems that present to OPD – Treatment Options.

Prof Keane

IE-OCS-872. Date of Preparation: October 2021.