Volunteer Day at Hugh’s House

As our first annual Volunteer Day, 10 Consilient Health employees spent the day helping out at Hugh’s House. Hugh’s House provides accommodation for families from outside Dublin with children who are long-term patients in Dublin hospitals. 

Located on the North side of the city, the home is completely volunteer-run (with the exception of one lovely staff member!), and comes at no cost for the families who stay there. The volunteers cooked a meal, painted the walls of a bedroom, cleaned, and ironed clothing for the families who are currently living in the home. By providing some sense of normalcy for these families, Hugh’s House serves as a home away from home during a time of need. 

In recent years, the home has expanded from 6 to 14 bedrooms, and includes an outdoor garden and play area. This essential service is in high demand, and is continuously raising funds and looking for volunteers to donate their skills and time. 

For more information about Hugh’s House, please visit:  http://www.hughshouse.ie/